Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Panama Week! - Day Two, afternoon/evening

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So after we had a delicious lunch at the Gamboa resort, it was time to get cracking on all the wedding ceremony and reception decorations.

Here are some photos of what I had to work with at the hotel...

The beautiful ballroom - look at that ceiling!

The terrace where the cocktail hour would be held

This is the terrace where the ceremony would be held - that beautiful scenery as the backdrop

Onto the decorations...

To stay on budget, we needed an idea to add color to the tables without spending a bunch of money. Renting table linens was pretty expensive, so we decided to stay with white linens and white chair covers. I could add color a different way. Zett also wanted to keep the flower budget to a minimum, so we decided to utilize vases, colored water, colored glass stones, and floating candles. We also scattered a few tea lights around the tables.

To add color to the table without using colored linens, I suggested using ribbons of varying widths and colors, laid across each table. For extra pops of color, we would add a tissue paper pompom to each table setting as a napkin ring.

I made all the napkin rings back home, but kept them all folded up. Then all we had to do was fluff them up once we got to Panama. 88 smaller pompoms and another 16 large once for the ceremony! It's a good thing I had my mom, Jim, Zett's parents, and Zett to help with the fluffing!

Zett and Bryan named each table after a significant place/event/group in their lives. The Obama campaign is where they met and fell in love.

For the seating card table, I got this great two yard piece of fabric from JoAnn's for about $3 in the red tag section, and just used it as a tablecloth. I then added the same ribbon, but had all the ribbons crossing in the center, and then grouped each table's seating cards along each ribbon, in alphabetical order. The same vases and candles were in the middle.

That was all we had time to get ready on Saturday. The rest of the reception set up, and the ceremony set up would be completed on Sunday before the wedding. 

We were taken back to the hotel to get ready for the Groom's Dinner. Bryan's parents hosted the event at the local Yacht Club - Texas style - a great barbeque with plenty of drinks and desserts. And perhaps a little karaoke again at the end of the night...

Our hosts for the evening - Linda and Wayne

Another fun night!

Tomorrow...Wedding day preparations...