Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Panama Week! - Day Three - Wedding Day! The Reception

OK I'm back to talking about the wedding. 

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So the ceremony was great - a little long and sweaty, but very beautiful and special. 

After we gathered all the guests in the resort lobby for this great group photo, it was onto the terrace for the cocktail hour.

Beautiful sunset that everyone was able to enjoy during the cocktail hour.

Some shots of the decorated ballroom before the guests arrived...

Not one, but two amazing ice sculptures on the buffet table!

The food was delicious, as were the desserts. Three different flavors of wedding cake, white chocolate fountain, other cakes, pies, pastries, and a two foot tall croquembouche!

Just a little over halfway through the reception, the surprise of the evening arrived - a 12 person Carnival band (Murga - I had to wiki it :) ). The "Panama coordinator" provided hats, masks, beads, and horns for everyone, and the place turned into quite the party!

The best table :)

Another fun and successful wedding! We had a pretty early flight the next morning, but the dancing continued on into the night. We were totally exhausted when we got home, but it was totally worth it for the amazing weekend we had!

Congratulations Zett and Bryan!


ZAMS said...

LOVE it! Thanks for capturing all this! And so happy to see the group shot your Dad took I LOVE IT so much!