Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Panama Week! - Day Two, morning

Saturday was another fun filled day. The schedule was packed from morning to night. 

First, an early breakfast with Jim and my parents, followed by a thirty minute ride to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort (the location of the wedding).

Zett's Dad, lovingly referred to as "Don Marcos", was our chauffeur and tour guide for the drive. Right before we entered the resort, we crossed over an old bridge originally built for trains - a bumpy ride to say the least! The resort grounds were gorgeous - tropical fauna, historic military quarters now used as guest houses, and lush rainforest all around.

Walking into lobby of the resort, this was our view:

Pretty amazing, huh? Those big beautiful windows and the view beyond said it all...
...An amazing place to have a wedding.

A quick tour of the hotel by Don Marcos gave me the lay of the land with regards to the wedding preparations and logistics. Then the four of us got ready for our morning boat tour to Monkey Island.

Some of the scenery while we waited for our boat...

We traveled up the Chagres River to the Panama Canal, where we were passed by several ships traveling in both directions.

Off from the main canal, we got closer to shore to start looking for some wildlife.

Doesn't this look like a turtle climbing a tree?? I don't think turtles can do that, but I have no idea what this is!

Finally, on Monkey Island, we got to see the main attraction...

Aren't these guys (or girls) the cutest? There were at least six of them climbing around the trees.

A little more wildlife and scenery before headed back to the dock...

A turtle swimming.

Something? Nothing? Not sure... it wasn't moving.

On the way back, we saw this old ship and wondered why anyone would pay the exorbitant passage fees to take this rust bucket through the canal???

Only a one hour tour, but definitely worth it!

Tomorrow, a recap of the first of the wedding preparations, and the highlights of the Groom's Dinner. See you then!