Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cupcake Bakery Review - Frost Bake Shoppe

Just wanted to write a quick post about an amazing cupcake bakery in The Woodlands, Texas - Frost Bake Shoppe.

You'll hear more about Zett's Surprise Bridal Shower and Girls Weekend in another post, but I just wanted to quickly highlight some delicious cupcakes and wonderful customer service that I experienced while in Texas.


In a frantic internet search for a specialty bakery that could make some delicious gourmet cupcakes for the shower, I was pleased to find a newly established bakery with a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.

I explained that I was from Philadelphia coming into town for a surprise party that has a "red, white, and blue" theme. Lucky for us, their signature cupcakes all had those colors incorporated!

We ordered two dozen, consisting of the following flavors:
Chocolate - Vanilla "Frost"
Red Velvet
Vanilla - Chocolate
Chocolate Dream


Looking at the list of flavors again, I'm wondering why we didn't order snickerdoodle, or actually just one of each!

The shop is so cute (sorry, there was no time for photos), and the ladies were so helpful and friendly! Be sure to stop on in if you're ever in the Houston suburbs!

Thanks, Frost Bake Shoppe, for helping make the shower a success!


Hilary said...

Hey Abby! The wedding planning looks like it's going well! I had to comment on this post because one of my best friends from college lives in The Woodlands and while reading this, I was quite envious you were in the area! I hope everything is well with you and Jimmy and I hope to see you both soon! :)