Monday, May 17, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding - crafting like crazy - tissue paper pompoms

With Zett's wedding fast approaching - and the flight to Panama even sooner, I am buckling down in the final days to finish all of the craft projects I have signed on for. 

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day, but I had to spend most of it inside sewing and playing with tissue paper (two separate projects).

So as I have mentioned before, this wedding is on a pretty tight budget, and we're doing a lot of decorations ourselves. Not that we need that many - getting married with the rainforest as your backdrop is gorgeous enough! But we do need a way to inject the wedding colors into the ceremony and reception.

Enter tissue paper pompoms. They're large, inexpensive to make, simple, and utterly gorgeous - I'm obsessed with them right now. Their shape also resembles the rubber stamps we used for the wedding invitations:

and one of the pieces of fabric we're using for the super-secret-project that will be unveiled at the ceremony:

So I spent the better part of Sunday finishing up all the pompoms we will need for the event. 16 + extras for the ceremony. 80 or so mini ones for the reception, and several more for good measure :) I'll know if and where I can add more when I get there and start to decorate!

For the ceremony, we intend to use them on the chairs lining the aisle - something like this:

Martha Stewart's tutorial is the one I followed when I made my very first pompoms - for Joel's Baby Shower and they turned out gorgeous:
Click HERE for the how-to from Martha.

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings

Can't wait to show you the final result!


Karley said...

Do you mind telling me what rubber stamps you used on your invites and where you bought them? They look so festive and fun! :) Thanks!