Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Flowers from our April Showers

A gorgeous Sunday here today in the northeast. I spent most of the day inside crafting for Zett's wedding but did have all the windows open while Jim worked on the yard. I did manage to get some time outside to smell the roses - literally - they smell gorgeous! Snipped some peonies to enjoy inside also. Wish I had some more time to spend in the garden...that time will come after Panama.

All of the flowers here are from plants inherited with the house. I plan to expand the rose garden at some point, and now that one of the the large trees next door has been cut down, we will get more afternoon sun on one section of our garden. That should benefit the additional peonies I intend to plant next to the one peony plant already there. 

Last year the roses were a bit hit-or-miss. Gorgeous blooms at the beginning of the season, then the bushes looked like they were all going to die. They came back for a late season bloom, but not nearly as impressive. A better winter this year and more aggressive pruning will hopefully yield better results. So far so good...

These roses along the side of the house end up getting really tall no matter how much I prune them back. Reaching for the sun over all the tall trees around our property. They smell amazing though. 

Only had about three peony blooms from this plant last year. This year it is loaded with blooms - so excited! Too gorgeous to leave outside for the squirrels to admire.

Love how the smell fills the house.

Hope you had a great Sunday!


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