Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello, 2011! But first, a look back on 2010...

I'm back! No real excuse for the hiatus, so I'm going to do a few posts of some older topics, and eventually get caught up to our current plans and projects of 2011. I finally have a snowy weekend of nothing planned to get organized and caught up on some much needed blogging.

So here's a look at a spice cake I made for Halloween... 

Looks tasty, right?

It's actually a cake made from a cupcake recipe from Martha's Cupcake Book. It's Mrs. Kostyra's Spiced Cupcake recipe. Only problem was that because it was a cupcake recipe, it obviously needed more time in the oven. So I kept checking it, and adding another 10 minutes. Checked it again; needed another 10 minutes. This went on for almost an hour, and apparently the last 10 minutes was about 9 minutes too long. 

This cake was so dry it was almost inedible. Unless you got a bite with some icing. That moistened it up a bit. But more often than not, taking a bite of this cake was like trying to eat 5 saltine crackers at once. Impossible.

Oh well, the flavors were great, so I'm sure the cupcakes are delicious. And my quick attempt at a spiderweb wasn't a total disaster (the spider is a little rough).

Overall though, it was a nice idea for a cold Halloween evening. One that I may try again this year, but keeping a better eye on the oven time.

Happy belated Halloween!