Monday, January 10, 2011

Banana Caramel Cake

I mentioned this cake in my Thanksgiving 2010 post I wrote just yesterday.

As cakes go, this was pretty simple. Although, there are a lot of components that all should be made in the same day. I made the cake the day before Thanksgiving and kept it in the fridge until two hours before serving and it was a hit. 

The recipe is from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook, page 157. 

It's a really long recipe that I really don't want to type up, so you can find the recipe HERE.

Following the recipe you will also find the recipes for the Mascarpone Frosting and the homemade Caramel sauce. 

The frosting is as simple as turning on your mixer. The caramel takes a little more patience and attention, but it's certainly not brain surgery.

I felt like the recipe made a LOT of caramel sauce. I never like to use only part of an ingredient. After all, if Martha wanted less caramel on the cake, she would have told us to make less caramel sauce, no? So I poured the whole bowlful on top. A bit messy, but it looked like it would taste good.

I always like when my cakes end up looking like the photo in the book, and this one certainly did!

As I mentioned, I don't really like the bananas. But Jim and the rest of the banana lovers at Thanksgiving thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended for your next party!