Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall days are here!

Yes, it really has been over a month since my last post. I'm terrible. Well, terribly busy. But still, I made a promise to myself when I started this blog to not forget about it after a few months and add it to my pile of unfinished journals and diaries from my childhood. I fully intend to keep this one up and running. 

So, what better way to get going again than to welcome a new season with some yummy treats?

Maple Cupcakes. Fantastic!

I usually reserve my dessert calories for something containing chocolate, but after my parents took a trip to Canada this summer and brought us some delicious maple sandwich cookies, I've been hooked on the taste.

The Mr. Maple cookies, or Mmmm Erables, as I like to call them (for obvious reasons - see below) are fantastic, and proudly produced in a peanut-free facility. Good news for me.

Jim and I savored these cookies and tried to ration them out for as long as we could. On the eve of the day the last cookie was to be consumed, I found some fantastic news in my local Trader Joe's:

Hooray! I delicious replacement. Not quite as amazing as the canadian version (a quick browse on the internet led me to a cookie fan club webpage who tell me that they are sometimes available in your local Dollar Tree - haven't looked yet), but still great for the tastebuds. I will be stocking up on these before the season is over.

Anyway, I had remembered seeing some maple cupcakes in Martha Stewart's Cupcake book:

Hers have marzipan maple leaves, but who needs them? The cake has maple syrup in the batter, the icing has maple syrup in the icing. They are amazing. I have the icing in my fridge and I intend to sandwich it between two plain cookies and enjoy heaven for a while.

These are amazing. Try them!


Alison said...

These were fantastic! I definitely think you should make them again...for Matt and I. A whole batch...just saying.

Anonymous said...

Those maple cream cokies are SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!! While on a vacation to Canada last week I bought 5 boxes of those XD

They also come in chocolate. I bought 3 chocolate and 2 regular.