Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday Funday

Jim and I spent this past Sunday doing something that we've been talking about for weeks - cleaning out the garage. I'm happy to say that our garage wasn't as cluttered as it could be - we certainly still fit my car in there - but it needed some organization. Rather than tackling the whole thing, we just took care of one section first - what I like to call "the nook". The best part about this project? We didn't spend one penny! Everything we did was made with supplies we already had!

The Nook before.

The area to the right of the nook.

The right side of the garage - we mostly left this untouched... for now.

We started by clearing off the large shelf above the nook, and pulled out everything else.

Then, we assembled some shelving. Just some 1x2s and plywood.

 The shelves were very secure, but we added the front vertical support to stop any sagging of the shelves over time. Jim even took the time to notch out the wood for each shelf.

Then, we simply loaded the shelves back up - much more organized! Thankfully, we didn't need to throw out stuff as much as we just needed to organize it and make it easily accessible.

So much better, right? I love the shelf at the bottom for our outdoor work shoes.

Tutorial tomorrow on how to make the sports ball shelf/basket.

Phase two of the garage transformation will be getting rid of the old fridge (and putting a newer one in the basement), and creating a countertop and deep sink area at the end of the garage.

Phase three will be insulating the exterior walls and putting the epoxy finish on the floor. When will that be? Who knows! :)