Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Springtime dreaming

As I sit here under a blanket watching the weather report for tomorrow's huge and fourth snowstorm of the season, I started to daydream about spring and all the things I'd like to accomplish in the garden. 

My number one project for the spring/summer will be window boxes for all the windows in the house. Did I say ALL? Well, with any luck :) I'd at least like to get the ones in the front - that's 8 window boxes to build, plus five more for at least the downstairs windows in the back and on the side. Oh yes, did I mention we'll be building them? That's the plan! With a little help from craftsman and husband Jim, I hope to be able to build some simple window boxes, paint them, and fill them with beautiful seasonal blooms. 

Here's a collection of photos that are my inspiration for this project, and that hopefully will warm my toes on this snow-day's eve. Enjoy!

This Old House

This Old House

This Old House

Hooks and Lattice

Martha Stewart

Country Living

Of course, in my internet travels I came upon this little gem of a Martha Stewart article, 60 Great Ideas for the Garden. So now, as much as I enjoy the snow, I am really looking forward to warmer weather!