Friday, February 26, 2010

It all started with a faucet...

...So a little background on our home. Built in 1978 and not really decorated since. We bought the house in September '08 and immediately ripped off wallpaper and painted every room except 2 bathrooms. We also ripped up all the carpeting and installed hardwood throughout in every room except the kitchen and bathrooms. Other than decorating and a lot of gardening, that's about it.
Fast forward to Christmas '09; my parents and sister visiting for the holidays. My dad, who was not interested in the many shopping trips and days of baking my mom and sister and I were engaging in, was checking out Jim's basement workshop and noticed a "to-do" list Jim has posted above his work bench that we made a few months after moving in. One of the top items was, "new kitchen faucet". Dad found a project! So he asked Jim about working on it together, also noting the new garbage disposal sitting on the workbench that was waiting to be installed, and they got to work on planning out their project. Luckily, I intervened at just the right time, as Jim was about to head out to pick out a new faucet himself! So off we headed to Lowes to pick out a budget-friendly faucet. (Side note here: we're not looking to make any huge changes to the kitchen right now, as the entire layout/design/appliances need to be completely overhauled and that is going to take some serious cash.)
Once that was successfully installed, I became totally convinced that I hated the cabinets. I knew I didn't like them before, although they are in good condition, but I am really against the color. However, I always thought I hated the green countertops more than the cabinets, but for some reason, that kitchen faucet changed my mind. When we initially painted the room, I was trying to tie all the colors together, and I took my inspiration from this Williams-Sonoma tablecloth that I made into a valance.
It had worked for the time being, but the real eyesore was the cabinets. They cover so much surface area in the kitchen, that they really needed to be a more neutral color. Not to mention the outdated hardware. All I decided to invest was $50 on two gallons of paint, and only $50 on new hardware. And a lot of time and effort of course!

The result:

Of course now the almond color of the stove and hood stick out like a sore thumb, but that's for another day.

I think the white makes the green countertops a little less offensive, don't you?

Love the hardware! Check out The Knob Shop on eBay - what a steal!

I added an inexpensive hanging basket bracket to hang this tiered basket for vegetables.

I picked up some great glass jars from Ikea to keep all my baking ingredients together in this vintage crate that was left in the house by our previous owners. The rolling cart I have had there for a while - with my Kitchenaid mixer on top - I just roll it over to the island for a great baking station. So convenient with the jars of sugar and flour underneath.

See the ugly ceiling fan peeking out of the top of this photo? That will go away someday!

What's that on the right of this photo? Where did those bookcases go? Check out my post on my message center to see what I did. 

So with a new color, a de-cluttered storage area, and elements that tie it all together, I am finally happy (appliances and lighting excluded) with the kitchen... until I get that itch to change it again :)

Please let me know what you think!

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ZAMS said...

This looks fabulous! We haven't even talked about it1 Great job!

Centsational Girl said...

I LOVE a good kitchen transformation, especially white paint ! You must be loving your fresh new kitchen now ! Well done girl !


pamela said...

Wow. So much more inviting. You have to love how it has turned out.

Allison Shops said...

You've done a nice job! I love your tablecloth valance. Dropping by from BNOTP.

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

bee-You-Tee-Full! sooo charming and cheerful! I hopped over from Between Naps on the Porch and am so happy that I did! Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place when you get a moment. I have become a follower and would be honored if you choose to do the same! until later...