Monday, April 12, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding - the invitations

The wedding invitations are complete! Mailed out early last week, they have a quick turnaround time, but as this is a destination wedding, a lot of information has been communicated via email and the couple's website. The invitations were more of a formality, but what a fun one! As mentioned previously, the colors we're using for this wedding are turquoise, red, and orange, so naturally these were the colors we used in the invitations.

The end result:

The elements:

The paper components were ordered from I found the paper to be of good quality, but not too thick. This worked well for me, as I was printing them at home. Invitation Outlet was quick, efficient, economical, and even found me a better deal when I called them to make a change to the order!

The invitations were individually hand stamped using rubber stamps from Paper Source. LOVE THEM! Such great quality stamps, and they really came out well. Very consistent.

I used a combination of the solid and outline mum stamp in different colors. 

All stamped and ready to be assembled...

Remember the fabrics I chose several months back? You can find the post on those HERE.

Well, those fabrics were cut into 8" by 8" squares and one square was included in each invitation with this notecard explaining what to do with it:

You'll see more on that project when the time comes :)

The response card was fun and casual, with plenty of space for invitees to write a nice note:

Part of Zett and Bryan's wonderful story is how they met: while working diligently in Florida on the Obama election campaign. And since President Obama was essentially the one who brought them together, he should of course be invited to the wedding! I had fun addressing this invite (went through 4 envelopes just to make sure it was perfect!)

Did you know that there's a whole office in the White House dedicated to dealing with correspondence such as this?? Well, there is! Find the address below.

They have included a letter with the invitation, explaining their story, and our hope is that they at least get a standard response from an intern with a rubber-stamped signature! We shall see...

(That smudge is from my photo editing to remove the house number)

As you can see, I decided to use a more casual handwriting font, rather than a traditional calligraphy. Fun to use, and easier on my wrists with 175 addresses to write!

All in all, I love the finished product. More importantly, so do the bride and groom! And the great thing about the rubber stamps is that we can use them again and again - favors, place cards, programs, table numbers - anything!

So, what do you think?

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Leslie said...

Ab they look great!!! Very clean, chic, fresh, and springy - perfect for Zett's rainforest wedding. You must have a rock solid steady hand to do all those invites! I LOVE that you invited the Obamas to the wedding. That's awesome! Who knows maybe Michelle will come... she seems pretty big on being one with the people.

Laura said...

These are beautiful. So perfect for a spring/summer wedding.

I would love it if you joined my "Saturday is Crafty Day" party starting on April 24th! Stop by my blog for details.

Lee said...

Beautiful. Check out my Made by Me Link up on Monday and be sure to link this one. They are gorgeous.

ZAMS said...

They are so beautiful! I love that they represent our fun personalities and the rainforest setting, but are also formal. They are so clean and fresh and colorful! Truly amazing! I can't thank you enough!

Bobbie said...

They look great! I love it! I have a link party on saturdays that I would love for you to join

Lindsey said...

i follow your sister-in-law's blog and i ended up here. you are going to love panama. my best friend lives there and i've been to gamboa many times. it's absolutely beautiful. if you are looking for cool stuff to do while you're there (besides the wedding, of course), check out Panama Pete is an awesome tour guide and does adventure tourism for very reasonable prices. ENJOY!